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Airborne & Special Operations Patches
(Shoulder Sleeve Insignia)

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6th_abndiv.jpg (26365 bytes)
6th Airborne Division
(WWII "Phantom" Division)
11th_Airborne_Division.gif (53563 bytes)
11th Airborne Division
11thAADiv.jpg (30491 bytes)
11th Air Assault Division (Test)
13th_div.jpg (29383 bytes)
13th Airborne Division

17th_Airborne_Division.gif (56498 bytes)
17th Airborne Division

18th_abndiv.jpg (26645 bytes)
18th Airborne Division
(WWII "Phantom" Division)
21stabndiv.jpg (24384 bytes)
21st Airborne Division
(WWII "Phantom" Division)
80th_abndiv.jpg (20053 bytes)
80th Airborne Division
84th_abndiv.jpg (25456 bytes)
84th Airborne Division
82nd_Airborne_Division.gif (52893 bytes)
82nd Airborne Division

100th Airborne Division
101st_Airborne_Division.gif (47819 bytes)
101st Airborne Division
108thabndiv.jpg (24167 bytes)
108th Airborne Division
135th_abndiv.jpg (24139 bytes)
135th Airborne Division
(WWII "Phantom" Division)
71stabnbde.jpg (22144 bytes)
71st Airborne Brigade
Texas Army National Guard
173rd.jpg (29406 bytes)
173rd Airborne Brigade
187th.jpg (29807 bytes)
187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team
187rct.jpg (53114 bytes)
187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team - Variation
508thrct.jpg (26868 bytes)
508th Airborne Regimental Combat Team
8thidabn.jpg (19181 bytes)
509th Infantry
8th Infantry Division
18thabn.jpg (27797 bytes)
XVIII Airborne Corps
1coscom.jpg (30251 bytes)
1st Corps Support Command
(Airborne Elements)
18thmpbde.jpg (32437 bytes)
16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne)
18thavn.jpg (35945 bytes)
18th Aviation Brigade (Airborne)
18thfabde.jpg (23761 bytes)
18th Field Artillery Brigade
20thengbde.jpg (28302 bytes)
20th Engineer Brigade (Airborne)
35thsigbde.jpg (31833 bytes)
35th Signal Brigade (Airborne)
108thadabde.jpg (26941 bytes)
108th Air Defense Brigade
525thmi.jpg (30672 bytes)
525th Military Intelligence Brigade
setaf.jpg (25053 bytes)
Southern European Task Force
(Airborne Elements)
troopcarrier_cmd.jpg (27277 bytes)
Airborne Troop Carrier Command
1stssf.jpg (17371 bytes)
1st Special Service Force
specialopscmd.jpg (22783 bytes)
Special Operations Command
usasoc.jpg (18678 bytes)
Army Special Operations Command
1stsoc.jpg (26707 bytes)
1st Special Operations Command
sf.jpg (28754 bytes)
Army Special Forces
ranger_wwII.jpg (16527 bytes)
Ranger Battalion World War II
(Worn by 2nd & 5th Ranger Battalions before adoption of scroll design)
75thold.jpg (30846 bytes)
75th Infantry Regiment (Old)
75thrgr.jpg (17793 bytes)
75th Ranger Infantry
1st_rgrbn_old.jpg (19613 bytes)
1st Ranger Battalion (Old)
1st_rgrbn.jpg (17187 bytes)
1st Ranger Battalion
2nd_rgrbn_old.jpg (25017 bytes)
2nd Ranger Battalion (Old)
2nd_rgrbn.jpg (17339 bytes)
2nd Ranger Battalion
3rd_rgrbn.jpg (17329 bytes)
3rd Ranger Battalion
psyops.jpg (19029 bytes)
Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command
Airborne_Command.gif (42858 bytes)
Airborne Command
1stabn.jpg (21490 bytes)
1st Allied Airborne Army
airborne_capbadge_em.gif (47113 bytes)
Airborne Cap Badge - Enlisted
airborne_capbadge_officer.gif (38627 bytes)
Airborne Cap Badge - Officer
jrtc.jpg (27343 bytes)
Joint Readiness Training Center
(Airborne Elements)
infschool.jpg (35742 bytes)
Infantry School
(Airborne Elements)
jfkswtc.jpg (28545 bytes)
John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center
airborne_QM_School.jpg (48949 bytes)
Aerial Delivery Department
Quartermaster School

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