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Clothing & Textile Exhibit

Uniform Gallery

The Clothing & Textile Gallery tells the role of the Quartermaster Corps in the development, procurement, manufacturing, and supplying of uniforms for the Army from 1842 until 1963. It also demonstrates the historical connection between the American textile industry and the Quartermaster Corps. The gallery contains samples of historical uniforms that show the evolution of uniforms, the functions of specialized uniforms, and how uniforms come to be by using the BDU as an example. Using prototypes generated originally by the Quartermaster Testing Laboratories, now Natick Labs of Soldier and Biological Chemical Command, the development of today's BDU is shown from requirement, to testing, to fielding. Other examples of uniforms include a selection of Army Nurse and Women’s Army Corps uniforms, and examples showing the evolution of the World War II “Ike Jacket”.

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