Soldier Training

AIT Soldier Training

Quartermaster AIT soldiers visit the Quartermaster Museum as part of the History and Heritage Training. Quartermaster Foundation board member volunteers share a brief history of the Quartermaster Corps in the Education Facility, then students explore the museum on a self-guided tour.

BOLC, Warrant Officer Advanced Course / Basic Course Training

The Quartermaster Museum works in collaboration with the Quartermaster Historian to train these soldiers. Students are provided a history of the Quartermaster Corps, an “Edventure” tour through the museum and a staff ride through Petersburg National Battlefield. The “Edventure” tour is a mobile-device scavenger hunt that highlights individuals and artifacts in the museum.

ALC and SLC Classes

Soldiers from ALC and SLC groups receive a museum tour from a trained docent or a museum staff member. Students learn about the history of the Quartermaster Corps, focusing on the MOS of their particular group.