About the Exhibit

The former missions performed by the Corps, Heraldry, Remount, Transportation, and Construction, are portrayed in the “Past Missions Gallery.”

Remount (Horses, Mules and Dogs) - Until World War II, Quartermasters were also responsible for providing horses and mules for the Army. The exhibit portrays the role of Quartermaster Pack Mule units and the variety of saddles used by the Army throughout its history. Among the saddles is the Grimsley saddle used by General Grant during the Civil War. Quartermasters also trained and handled war dogs and the exhibit features a video showing the training of dogs during World War II from 1775 until 1942.

Transportation - Beginning in 1775, when the Quartermaster Corps was established, the Corps was responsible for transporting the Army but in 1942, this mission was passed to the newly created Transportation Corps. Until that time, Quartermasters arranged for the procurement of transport and for the movement of soldiers and supplies by land and water. The gallery features the Rucker Ambulance used to transport General Grant’s personal belongings during the Civil War, an Army Escort Wagon used by the Army from the 1890’s through the 1930’s, and a World War I truck made by the Indiana Truck Company, an example of early motorized transportation. An informational kiosk features other examples of wagons, trucks, and ocean-going transports operated by the Quartermaster Corps’ Army Transport Service. In July 2001, the Eisenhower van was installed in the Gallery immediately following the Military Vehicle Preservation Association National Convention. The van, outfitted by Army Quartermasters, served as General Eisenhower’s personal living quarters during World War II.

Construction - Quartermasters were the builders for the Army and the gallery contains an exhibit on barracks construction.