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1-7 January

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Quote of the Week:

"Without supplies no army is brave"
                                              Frederick the Great (1747)


No sooner had General Washington’s bedraggled Continental Army moved into winter quarters at Valley Forge, a week before Christmas, 1777, than the situation grew steadily worse. In the days following, several inches of new snow fell, and the nearby Schuylkill River froze to a depth of six inches. Regimental Quartermasters scoured the countryside for material to help build "hutts," and foraged for enough food to keep the animals alive. Still scarcity of most supplies threatened to undermine the patriot effort.

As the new year opened Quartermasters reported stores of blankets, shoes, and clothing virtually exhausted. And on January 2d there were no more animals to slaughter. Up and down company streets the cry was heard, "No meat! No meat!" It would be many days before the crisis passed.

Not from legislation alone was the United States Army Quartermaster Corps born -- but from adversity, such as that experienced during the terrible winter at Valley forge.

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