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6 -12 May

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Brigadier General Thomas S. Jesup
12th Quartermaster General 1818-1860

Quote of the Week:

    "In short, a Quartermaster General should anticipate every thing, see every thing, and be prepared at all times as far as human foresight is capable of for all emergencies."

     Major General Henry Dearborn, 
     Commander of the Northern 
     Department, War of 1812

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Considered the father of the Modern Quartermaster Corps, Brigadier General Thomas S. Jesup held the post of Quartermaster General for forty-two years.

Born in Berkeley County, Virginia, on December 16, 1788, Jesup had distinguished early career as an Infantry officer.   Serving in the War of 1812, he was brevetted successively to Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel for gallantry in action at the Battles of Chippewa and Niagara.

Jesup was appointed Quartermaster General at the age of 30, on 8 May 1818. He created the first set of standard regulations and forms for the Quartermaster Department. With relatively minor amendments, they remained in effect until long after the Civil War.

He demanded professional conduct and strict accounting of funds and property from his subordinates.  Under his guiding hand the Department matured into a professional organization.

While Quartermaster General, President Jackson placed him in command of troops sent to suppress the Indian uprisings known as the Seminole War, where he was eminently successful.  He also took to the field to personally oversee supply operations during the Mexican War.  He died in office on June 10, 1860.

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