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Historical Photos- Mortuary Affairs

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World War I - Marked Grave

World War I
How a grave is marked by the Graves Registration Service, Q.M.C.
cross has both the identity tag and plate prepared by the Service.
Mareuil-en-Dole, 77th Division
12 September 1918

World War I A Burial Party
World War I
A burial party of the 42nd Division, these parties were kept busy for days digging graves for the dead that littered the fields and woods after the advance beyond Chateau-Thierry. Beuvardes, France, 30 July 1918

Unknown Soldier of World War I

Unknown Soldier of World War I
in the rotunda of the Capitol
November 1921
(National Archives)
Camp Evans, Vietnam - A Bugler on A Hill

Camp Evans, Vietnam
A bugler on a hill overlooking the A Shau Valley plays taps at a memorial service for the fallen soldiers of the 2nd Bn, 319th Arty., 101st Airborne Division, 1969
(Information Office, 101st Abn Div SP4 Larry Peterson)

Unknown Soldier of World War I

Unknown Soldier of World War I

with military escort at the Capitol preparing to depart for the Memorial Amphitheater in Arlington National Cemetery
11 November 1921
(National Archives)























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