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USMC Exercise Urban Warrior 98
Camp Lejeune, NC

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urban_warrior1.jpg (82875 bytes)
Marine engages enemy from roof with M-16A2 Rifle, 29 April 1998

Marines review plan for assault,
29 April 1998

Marines run alongside a "Gator" wheeled vehicle, 23 January 1998

Marines guard simulated embassy
21 January 1998

Marine looks down scope of M-16A2 Rifle, 23 January 1998

Joint Amphibious Mine D7G Medium Tracked Bulldozer clears a path through rubble and concertina wire, 22 January 1998

Marines use a truck lift to enter the second story of a building,
23 January 1998

Squad Automatic Weapon gunner protects civilian role players,
20 January 1998

urban_warrior10.jpg (1551359 bytes)
Marines use civilian vehicle as cover,
20 January 1998

urban_warrior.jpg (81337 bytes)
Marine signals for backup as SAW gunner fires at enemy,
29 April 1998
urban_warrior11.jpg (75465 bytes)
Helo Transportable Tactical Vehicle (HTTV) on patrol,
20 January 1998
urban_warrior12.jpg (110828 bytes)
Marines protect the Advanced Surgical Suite for Trauma Casualties medical tent, 20 January 1998

urban_warrior13.jpg (149637 bytes)
Marine rushes to his objective,
19 January 1998

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