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Temporary Exhibits - Subject to Recall

Captured Enemy Guns from WWII and Vietnam War

With the Ordnance Museum still without a building at Fort Lee, the Quartermaster Museum has offered up part of its space to show off some weaponry. This new exhibit is called "Subject to Recall." It features artifacts from an Ordnance Corps collection that was recently located to Fort Lee.

The temporary exhibit features items captured from enemies during World War II and the Vietnam War. When all of these artifacts were brought to Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md., during World War II, they were deemed "Subject to Recall,". "They were put into the museum system, but they were subject to recall to exploit the intelligence value.

One of the larger pieces in the exhibit is the Schwimmwagen, a floating car made from a single piece of sheet metal. The car is very light and has no doors. It has paddles on the side in case the riders get stuck.

The display also has a panel showing Adolph Hitler in the background, because he oversaw the prototypes of the Schwimmwagen. They were made in the same factory where they made Volkswagen. There are similar components, although you can't tell by looking at it.

BK 5 - 50 mm autocannon   

Another item is the BK 5, a 50 mm autocannon. There are only two of them in the United States. The other one is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

"The BK 5 is an interesting piece. Near the end of the war, the Germans decided to take their anti-tank barrel and try to retro-fit it for installation in a jet fighter so they could shoot down the Allied bombers. It had more of an impact than the smaller guns did.

The U.S. forces were able to take these items and learn a lot from them, especially the recoilless gun and the small arms.

The Quartermaster Museum is located in Building 5218, A Avenue, Fort Lee, Virginia. "Subject to Recall" is now open. Admission is free. For more information call (804) 734-4203.

This page was last updated on: June 19, 2013