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QM History Research - Unit Insignia & Patches

Below is a selection of Active Duty Quartermaster unit crests & patches from the US Army Quartermaster Museum and the Institute of Heraldry Information's Distinctive Unit Insignia & Patches Collection.


2nd Quartermaster Group
Camp Henry, Korea

Design Approved: 9 November 1984

Description: The two keys allude to the unit designation and are a traditional symbol representing Quartermaster control over supplies. The taeguk represents Korea, the unit's home area, and the buff with black droplets refers to the motto and the unit's mission, the movement of fuels.

Motto: "Fuel Line to Victory"

2nd Quartermaster Group Crest


23rd Quartermaster Brigade
Fort Lee, Virginia

Design Approved: 27 April 1987

Description: The parchment refers to matriculation, achievement, and the unit's mission. The diagonal blue bar, book, and lamp of knowledge are adapted from the Quartermaster School device. The crossed sword and key superimposed by a wheel are adapted from the Quartermaster Regimental Insignia. The laurel is symbolic of achievement and high ideals; the three cords represent the commendable qualities of courage, skill, and strength, and reflected the history of the unit. The wheel, with twenty-three spokes exposed, indicates the numerical designation of the unit and its logistics heritage.

Motto: "The Corps Starts Here"

23rd Quartermaster Brigade Crest


49th Quartermaster Group
Fort Lee, Virginia

DUI (Distinctive Unit Insignia) Approved: 29 April 1993

DUI Description: Buff (gold) is traditionally associated with the Quartermaster Corps. The chevron denotes strength, the potente edges suggest the wards of a key, thereby suggesting the Quartermaster Corps. Black denotes dependability while alluding to fuel and the motto of the unit. The sword implies readiness. The annulets recall the Meritorious Unit Commendation and four campaigns during World War II. The laurel stands for honor.

Motto: "Fueling the Force"


Patch (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia) Approved: 22 June 1998

Patch Description: Buff and light blue are the colors traditionally used by the Quartermaster Corps. Black denotes solidity and refers to petroleum; the light blue flash represents speed and quick response. The vertical stripe symbolizes the flow of fuel and water, while the annulet, suggesting a wheel (as on the Quartermaster insignia of branch), highlights the constant movement of supplies and materiel.

49th Quartermaster Crest

Fueling the force patch


240th Quartermaster Battalion
Fort Lee, Virginia

Design approved: 19 August 1966

Description: The mission of the unit was planning, controlling, maintaining, and regulating the supply of gasoline and petroleum and is symbolized by the black gear and the wavy red bands. The red refers to the color of motor gasoline, the major Army product.

Motto: "Proud to Serve"

240th Quartermaster Battalion Crest


244th Quartermaster Battalion
Fort Lee, Virginia

Design Approved: 10 April 1964

Description: The three links at the top of the unit crest are silver on a blue field representing the three battle honors which the battalion earned during World War II, with the chain indicating the classic function of support. The vertical blocks on either side of center are red and green, alluding to the French Croix de Guerre and Meritorious Unit Commendation earned during the same period. The center of the shield is buff, with a silver wheel representing the mobility of the unit's supply function.

Motto: "SI NON POTESTIS POSSUMUS" (If You Can't, We Will)

244th Quartermaster Battalion Crest


260th Quartermaster Battalion
Fort Stewart, Georgia

Design Approved: 6 July 1967

Description: The crossed keys symbolize the Quartermaster Corps as the keeper of supplies. The black wheel with wavy spokes refers to the continuous supply of bulk petroleum. The two keys, the six spokes of the wheel, and circle O in the hub, indicate the numerical designation of the Battalion. Brick red is a color used by the transportation corps representing the unit's transportation capability.

Motto: "The Nectar for Victory"

262nd Quartermaster Battalion
Fort Lee, Virginia

262nd Quartermaster Battalion

Design Approved:
15 February 1967

Description: The black globule symbolizes petroleum and refers to the unit's mission during the Vietnam War to provide storage, distribution, and quality surveillance of petroleum to supported units. The Quartermaster wheel with its thirteen stars and spokes are symbolic of the Battalion's Quartermaster heritage and depicts the transportation (movement of packaged and bulk petroleum) mission of the battalion. The two red flashes refer to the Battalion's service in France and Germany during World War II.

Motto: "Life Line to Victory"

260th Quartermaster Battalion Crest

262nd Quartermster Battalion Crest


266th Quartermaster Battalion
Fort Lee, Virginia

Design Approved: 4 May 1964

Description: The wavy bar represents the Rhineland and the gold bars between the five gold roundels are symbolic of direct support of combat troops throughout five campaigns in Italy, France, and Germany.

Motto: "The Providers"

266th Quartermaster Battalion Crest


505th Quartermaster Battalion
Okinawa, Japan

Design Approved: 2 June 1988

Description: Black refers to oil and the unit's primary mission of supply and operation of the petroleum pipeline in Okinawa. The chevronels represent support and connote movement. The key refers to supply. The bow bears a stylized chrysanthemum, adapted from the imperial seal of Japan, and signifies the unit's location.

Motto: "Proud to Pump"

505th Quartermaster Battalion Crest


559th Quartermaster Battalion (WS)
Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia

DUI (Distinctive Unit Insignia) Approved: 16 June 1993

Description: Gold stands for the branch color, buff, of the Quartermaster Corps. The pale and color blue refer to the battalion's water mission. The sword denotes readiness and service to the individual soldier. Black stands for strength and steadfastness.

Motto: "The Flow of Victory"

559th Quartermaster Battalion (WS) Crest


Quartermaster School
Fort Lee, Virginia

DUI (Distinctive Unit Insignia) Approved: 16 December 1929

Description: The insignia is the shield of the coat of arms of the US Army Quartermaster Corps, which with the blue bend gives the colonial colors and indicates the early organization of the corps. The Liberty Bell refers to the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which gave birth to the corps and in which the School originated. The lamp of knowledge and book symbolize the functions of the School.

Motto: "Famam Extendimus Factis"


Patch (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia) Approved: 7 November 1956, colors changed 24 November 1975

Patch Description: Buff and blue are the colors of the Quartermaster Corps. The key and sword are taken from the Quartermaster Corps insignia. The torch signifies knowledge and alludes to training in Quartermaster.

Quartermster School Insignia

Quartermaster School Patch

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